Batman V Superman – Audience Review [Not Another Critic Review]


So first of all, let me clarify a few things. I did not intend to write this review but after seeing so much negativity about the movie, I thought “Hey! They’re misleading the whole movie goers! It’s not actually what they are saying!”, I had to write a general audience review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Batman vs Superman is one of the most hyped and wish listed movies of 2016, naturally people will speak up if things are not like they are expecting. However, the in general perspective of this movie is kind of misleading. The online bashing might wonder you, “Hey! It’s that bad? I did not expect it”. But that IS NOT THE CASE. That’s why I’m writing this review as a regular movie lover guy, a superhero movie lover. No I do not hate DC or Marvel. I like Marvel’s Iron Man and I like Batman. I liked Ant-Man and other bunch of movies and I’m a big fan of DC Comics too. So, in this review, I’m not going to write like a critic, I would rather try to what happened while I watched Batman vs Superman in the first day.

Batman v Superman Fan Review


[No spoilers ahead. You can freely read the whole article]


A Review From Audience Point of View

First of all, let me clear it out. I did not take pencil and paper to write down flaws of this movie. I simply went on to have some enjoyable time with my friends. I also really wanted to see Ben Affleck as Batman as well as the new take on Batman by Zack Snyder. I did not read any reviews prior to watch the film and I did not have any intention that “I will like this film no matter what” or “I’ll hate it no matter what”. My perspective was, let’s see the new Batman v Superman and let’s enjoy the movie.

Batman V Superman Is A New Take On DC Universe

The first things, you’re gonna do, is to compare this new Batman to Christian Bell’s Batman. But hey, please do NOT! Because Christopher Nolan’s Batman is a complete different world and universe altogether. That IS NOT a comic adaptation and that IS NOT REAL BATMAN. Can Superman exist in Christopher Nolan’s Batman world? No sure, he cannot. So, you cannot take that Batman and cannot fit that into a universe where other super heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman and Flash exists, can you?

Batman V Superman Reboots Batman In A Refined Way

So if you are enthusiastically and curiously waiting to see the new take on Batman and wondering how am I gonna accept it, there’s good news for you. Zack Snyder’s take on Batman is a delightful reboot. It’s great to see the actual comic hero Batman where Superman and Wonder Woman can actually exist in his world. And frankly saying, Ben Affleck did an astoundingly great job portraying the character of Batman. It was a great cast and he surpassed his challenges pretty well. His charismatic performance will leave you very pleased and satisfied when you leave the hall.

Zack Snyder Falls Short On First Half

The first half of the movie introduces the characters of the whole movie. Although, the movie starts off with a bang with some footages from Man Of Steel and carries a message that the movie will be kick ass,  it falls short after the first 10 minutes. It starts with Batman watching the massacre of Man Of Steel and it shows great promise. I have to add, the background score during this time by Hans Zimmer was particularly well made.

Nonetheless, Snyder wanted to build up the story  by introducing various characters. However, it did not turn out so well. This could have been directed well. Sometimes, I felt confused, what actually he’s doing. He made some confusing scenes while introducing to all the characters and makes the tempo of the movie low. The worst part of the first half is, sometimes, Snyder shows some totally unnecessary scenes that makes you even more confused. I’m not gonna speak out which scenes for the sake of spoilers.

Zack Snyder Picks Himself Up On The Second Half

Just sometimes before the intermission, Snyder picks himself up from confusing you. He backs himself again on track and continue to tell the story in a much more refined way. The second half was way better than first half and oh man, there are some scenes between Batman & Superman. Those scenes were just too good and anyone can go second time, just to watch those scenes. In the meantime, you are going to see Gal Gaddot as Wonder Woman and you’re going to be left charmed by his presence.

Second half continues to excel while brining Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor Jr and Wonder Woman. The finishing was “NOT CONVENTIONAL” as you would not expect from a Superhero movie. But it was nice to see, Snyder didn’t finish the story as anyone would expect. It was a really different ending and pretty much a majority of people would love the finishing. However, some people might wonder why he finished like this and could argue it wasn’t satisfying for them

Characters’ Justice

Henry Cavil as Superman

Henry Cavil did a fine job as Superman. Pretty much like you have seen him on Man of Steel. He delivered a good performance, however, director could give Superman some extra time I guess.

Ben Affleck as Batman

HE WAS THE STAR OF THE MOVIE. He did meet all of my expectation as Batman. Also, you will feel why there’s no place for Christopher Nolan’s Batman in this universe. His voice and actions made me more pumped and excited more of him. It was a great performance by Ben Affleck

Gal Gaddot as Wonder Woman

Gal Gaddot as Wonder Woman did a nice job, though her presence wasn’t much. I expect to see more of her in the upcoming standalone Wonder Woman movie.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor Jr

Lex Luthor Jr is played by Jesse Eisenberg. His approach to the character was different, but I wasn’t really satisfied by the Joker-ish” adaptation of Lex Luthor. His speech style and dialogue delivery sometimes feel very odd and doesn’t really fit into the movie. His character was kind of inspired from “Joker” and it wasn’t done properly. It was half baked. It could be done better by Jesse Eisenberg himself if he didn’t have to talk with the odd accent.


The film got very negative reviews in sites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB by Critics. But, these movies are not made for critics, are they?


  • Reasonably good enjoyable movie
  • Some great VFX
  • Great actions
  • Some humors here and there
  • Batman vs Superman Fight
  • Ben Affleck as Batman
  • Finishing was satisfying


  • Story-telling could be reasonably better
  • No cliff hanging “Thrilling Moments”
  • Batman vs Superman sequence should have been extended a bit more
  • Introducing and killing Doomsday in a very short span of time

On the whole, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is NOT A BAD MOVIE. It may be from a critics’ point of view, but it’s an enjoyable film. If you liked Avengers: Age of Ultron, you got to like it too. However, it falls short on first half and there are flaws. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable ride as Ben Affleck pulls the Batman character very nicely. The villains could be stronger, killing off Doomsday in a very short time is an idiotic move, however, it’s a good one time watch movie.

I would rate it 7.5/10

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