Samsung Announces Galaxy Young & Galaxy Fame!

Samsung has aimed to sell millions of Android devices in 2013. They’ve already started to sell these Android phones to have the maximum revenue. To boost up the situation, Samsung has introduces two new phones. Samsung Galaxy Young & Samsung Galaxy Fame

Samsung Galaxy Young & Samsung Galaxy Fame

You cant guess which one is Samsung Galaxy Young & which one is Samsung Galaxy Fame!

Both Galaxy Young & Galaxy Fame will have 1gHz processor. Galaxy fame will come with a 512MB of RAM & Young will come with 768 MB of RAM. Both smartphone features 1300 mAh batter & 4GB of internal storage. You’ll also get an option to expand the storage with microSD card. Both devices are inspired from the Galaxy S3 design. They can easily be said Mini Galaxy S3. The Young & Fame are almost identical.

Difference between Young & Fame

Galaxy fame has 3.5” screen. On the other hand, Galaxy Young boasts of 3.27” screen. । Both smartphone has 320*480 pixel in total. Besides, Galaxy Young has 3MP camera & Fame has 5MP camera. Other than that Fame has added NFC capability, which isn’t present on Young.


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