How to integrate IDM Support for Google Chrome? ?>

How to integrate IDM Support for Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is becoming one of the most popular browser in the world. The simplicity of Chrome is getting appreciated by tons of people. Today I’ll show you how to integrate IDM with Chrome Fully. Its easy! However, Chorme isn’t performing as it should in Windows 8 for me. (it never really got solved) Evantually I switched to Comodo Dragon, has all the best features of chrome with added security & privacy.


Install Google Chrome

First Install Google Chrome 4m website.


Downlaod IDM

Download IDM 4m here.

(Note: You Have To Download The Latest IDM)

Configure IDM for Chrome

  • Open IDM
  • Click Options
  • Check Advance Browser Integration & Check Google Chrome in the menu.
  • Just Like it

Install IDM Extension for Chrome

Install This Downloader Chrome. After Installing go to its options


& Check IDM into it. (Extensions>>Downloaders>>Options)


Alls Done! Enjoy Google Chrome with Full IDM Support from Now!


Update #2: 3 October 2012

Update to the latest IDM by check for new update. (6.12 Build 21 or later) & open any Chromium based browsre like Chrome/Comodo Dragon. You’ll see that IDM has installed a new extension. That’s it. It fixes all the problems & acts just like Firfox IDM extension. 🙂

Google Chrome IDM

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