Tin Goyenda

Tin Goyenda, as the name explains, is the tale of three detectives. They are not only the investigators, but adventurers as well. Thrill, suspense and challenge is their main attraction.

The three young friends, Kishore Pasha, Musa Aman and Robin Milford formed the Tin Goyenda. Sometimes Georgina Parker (more commonly referred to as Jina) and her pet dog Ruffian (Rafi for short) accompany them. Tin Goyenda live in Rocky Beach, a small coastal town of California, USA. They are in the same class at Green Hills School, though their grade is not mentioned anywhere. That’s why every young reader imagines them as his/her classmate.

I have collected many books of Tin Goyenda…

Now I’m giving those to you.

আপনাদের কেমন লাগল বলবেন কিন্তু!

I hope you will like it.