OK Mobile Introduces Octa-Core Android Jupiter Z7 at 12000 Taka

OK Mobile Jupiter Z7

OK Mobile Octa Core Android OK mobile is introducing a new Android phone which boasts some good features and a good price also. The launching set, which currently named as, OK Jupiter Z7, is having Android Kitkat on board and include 5inches HD IPS display. Perfect display for every work. We are also pretty certain that it'll have a 2GB onboard LPDDR2 RAM.How can OK Mobile sell Ok Jupiter Z7  for just 12000taka? We've to look back. In 2010, just when Android was getting momentum, a man was thinking to assemble those Chinese handsets here in Bangladesh. You know assembling here in Dhaka would've helped to reduce the cost so much. Then Mr. Jasimul Islam, the founder of OK Mobile, made an assembly plan with the help of Tesis.They are introducing two sets for mass, one is a high end flagship which will be sold for 12000tk only and the other one is an entry level set which will be sold for 4000 tk only. They've already started some retail stores and if you go to Shezan Point, … [Continue reading]

Free GP Internet On PC (Download with IDM Support)

Using Free GP Internet On PC So you want to use GP internet for free on your PC. There's a lot of tricks are our there but most of them are outdated and does not work. We have a way, you can use GP Internet free. If you are short on money, and try it, let's follow through!  GP Internet Free Procedure 1. Activate any GP internet package … [Continue reading]

Let’s Join Into 1 Big Facebook Community-Desperately Seeking – Dhaka (DSD)

Desperate TO Know?

Bored? Want to learn new every day? Read along! So, you spend tons of your time into facebook. What do you actually do? You read your newsfeed over and over again, and sometimes when you need something to know, you are actually too tired to Google. If you google, then sometimes, the search results are in international.USA got Siri, Google … [Continue reading]

Moto E for Rs 6999 ($130 Unlocked) & Why You Should Care About It!

Moto E with Shells

Ever since Motorola launched Moto G, I was tempted to buy it. Eventually I bought Moto G and posted the reasons why I chose it over Nexus 4. There's actually no competition where it comes to deliver softwares updates for Motorola phones. Even though, they cancelled Android updates for some of their previous handsets like Motorola Photon & … [Continue reading]

Dodol Locker – Make Your Android Lockscreen AMAZINGLY COOL


The most awesome feature of Android is, how deeply you can customize it. The customization was one of the key things back in 2011, when Android became a super hit across the globe. This post is bringing you one of the great new locker that will replace the stock lock screen on your Android smartphone.So why would anyone want to replace the lock … [Continue reading]

Cyclelife Exclusive’s Veloce Legion Cycle Price & Specs

Veloce Legion Cycle

As you all know, the most renowned bi-cycle manufacturer Meghna Group has a long tradition of producing good & quality bikes. Meghna group, is the topper when there is a question of exporting bicycles to other countries like United Kingdom. Since January 2014, Meghna group has decided to launch a new set of QUALITY BIKES other than their PRINCE … [Continue reading]

Terry Myerson – The New Windows Guy To Fix Windows 9 [Win9 Concept]

Windows 9 Concept UI

Past Sinofsky EraWhen Steven Sinofsky left last year, leaving an unfinished, amateur Windows in the wild, Microsoft temporarily divided his duties between two people, Julie Larson-Green, a top Sinofsky lieutenant, and Tami Reller, who many feel should be in the running for Microsoft's next CEO job. But when the software giant announced its … [Continue reading]