The Best Kacchi Biryani in Dhaka City

The Best Kacchi Biryani In Dhaka City

Umm..who doesn’t love Kacchi Biryani? Personally, it’s one of my most favorite food item in Dhaka. The fragrance of smoky hot Kacchi – kind of heaven on earth feeling! However, with the growing people of Dhaka City, there has been a growing trend of food

Best Android Music Player

Download PowerAmp Permanently Cracked

 icon-lightbulb-o What is the best Android Music Player? For many fans, the answer will be PowerAmp. For long PowerAmp has been the absolute favorite music player for Android users. Why wouldn’t it? It has the most features anyone can ask e.g gapless playback, silent timer, folder


Why Are Teens ‘Sexting’ More?

 icon-female What is “Sexting” So, what is “sexting” actually? Well, this is a new trend among teens that is increasing day by day! More, this is a new rage where teens are sharing sexually explicit contents such as messages, and nude pictures of themselves or others


Operating Systems & Web Browsers Used by Online Shoppers

Operating Systems & Web Browsers Used by Online Shoppers Ecommerce is continuously and constantly engulfing the entire world into its wings. All the developing countries, though late comers, have entered into this territory. Bangladesh is no different. It is speedily being consumed by the emerging