10 Amazing Sand Art – Please Your Eyes

Sand arts are visually stunning. However, It's often tough to capture sand arts because it doesn't stay like that much time. However, Andres Amador has captured these awesome sand arts from different places of earth. #1 Amazing Sand Art #2 Amazing Sand Art #3 Amazing Sand Art #4 Amazing Sand Art #5 Amazing Sand Art #6 Amazing Sand Art #7 Amazing Sand Art #8 Amazing Sand Art #9 Amazing Sand Art #10 Amazing Sand Art Which one was your favorite? Comment with the hash number. … [Continue reading]

29 Ways To Stay Creative – Infographic


Staying creative is necessary to be productive. Today our article shows 29 ways to stay creative in this busy life. It’s very easy to get distracted and confused when you’re not exercising your creative capabilities. However, infographic will help you to get your creativeness back, Sing in the shower, free writing, read a page of the dictionary, … [Continue reading]

Meet The Most Kicka** and Coolest President in The World [Infographic]

Jose Mujica The Most Coolest President

Jose Mujica is definitely one of the best President in my opinion. Our guys should learn a thing or two from him.. José Mujica Infographic Also Read: 29 Ways to Stay Creative [Infographic] (Collected) Liked it? Now Share it with your friends on facebook and let them know too! … [Continue reading]

Cyclelife Exclusive’s Veloce Legion Cycle Price & Specs

Veloce Legion Cycle

As you all know, the most renowned bi-cycle manufacturer Meghna Group has a long tradition of producing good & quality bikes. Meghna group, is the topper when there is a question of exporting bicycles to other countries like United Kingdom. Since January 2014, Meghna group has decided to launch a new set of QUALITY BIKES other than their PRINCE … [Continue reading]

Terry Myerson – The New Windows Guy To Fix Windows 9 [Win9 Concept]

Windows 9 Concept UI

Past Sinofsky Era When Steven Sinofsky left last year, leaving an unfinished, amateur Windows in the wild, Microsoft temporarily divided his duties between two people, Julie Larson-Green, a top Sinofsky lieutenant, and Tami Reller, who many feel should be in the running for Microsoft's next CEO job. But when the software giant announced its … [Continue reading]

How To Change Seeking Time in MplayerX (5s/3s)

Mplayer X Seeking Time

Last night I configured Mac OS X Mavericks in my PC. This is performing well with 6GB RAM and ATI 5670 GPU. In Windows, I used to use Potplayer. That was a great player with some great advantages. The best alternative I found for Potplayer/VLC is MplayerX. This player is in my view, the best OS X player. How To Change Seeking Time in MplayerX … [Continue reading]

Bought My 2nd Smartphone: Moto G – Complete Review with Kitkat


Moto G - Complete Review with Kitkat As you all know, Moto G is the new budget friendly smartphone which is selling like hotcake. For $199 (16GB) it is really a bargain. Not to mention, I was tempted too! My first smartphone was Motorola Atrix 4G, which was the first dual core smartphone in the world. That time this thing was a beast with a … [Continue reading]

JSC Result 2013 Published on 29 December


JSC Result of 2013 will be published in the next 29 December by DhakaEduCationBoard.Gov.BD Last year JSC Exam commenced at Sunday, 4 November 2013 and ended on Friday, 22 November, 2013. JSC Result Published on 29 December, [Confirmed by Education Board] This year JSC Result will be published on 29 December. Last year JSC Exam Result 2012 was … [Continue reading]

Ex-Nokians Reveal The First Jolla Phone Powered by Sailfish OS


It's an old news that Microsoft bought Nokia. Shortly after the purchase, many Nokia executives felt that Nokia is not the place they should work on. Instead they moved on & built a new company by themselves. Jolla IS The First Sailfish OS Phone Jolla is the first phone that runs a Meego forked operating system, Sailfish OS. JOLLA … [Continue reading]

Best Online T-shirt Store in Bangladesh – Includes Free Shipping

Best online tshirt store in Bangladesh

Time is changing fast, in this busy world in Dhaka, people nowadays don't want to go shopping. Yes, that includes a handful of reasons, but the #1 is maybe the traffic jam. None can guaranty how Dhaka traffic jam will behave today. In this mega city, it's getting a common scenario for the past few years. So, your question is, What's The … [Continue reading]

Dhoom 3 Theatrical Trailer Download – BRrip 720p 1080p

Yashraj Films has just released the much awaited movie Dhoom 3's first trailer. Whole world is waiting impatiently for the movie. Download Dhoom 3 Trailer from YouTube. Produced by Aditya Chopra, DHOOM:3 is written and directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, who had also written DHOOM & DHOOM:2. Apart from Aamir Khan, who plays the anti-hero in … [Continue reading]

[Solved] Can’t Charge My iPad/iPhone/iPod from Regular Adapter/USB Port?

Can't charge your iPad/iPhone/iPod from USB? No problem! I just solved it! So here's the thing. You're out of Apple's official charger. And you need to charge your iPad/any iDevice from PC. Usually, iPad charges when you connect it through USB. However, when there's not sufficient amount of power, iPad will not  charge and Instead it'll say, … [Continue reading]

OS X Mavericks Releases – Ends the Era of Paid OS [Full Review]

Apple’s newest Mac OS, Mavericks, has arrived on Tuesday, October 22. If you’re itching for information, we’ve put together everything you need to know about Mac OS X Mavericks to give you an idea of what you have to look forward to after upgrading. First and foremost, Apple has run out of the cat names. The new OS X is named for one of the nicest … [Continue reading]

Who Will Be the Next CEO of Microsoft?

Who will be the next to lead Microsoft? The world's biggest software company, Microsoft Corporation, had only two CEOs in its 38-year history - Ballmer and co-founder Bill Gates. Now time for a change. Mr. Ballmer, himself, posted a letter to it's employees saying that he'll be retiring in the next 12 months. The following is a list of tech … [Continue reading]

News: Testing Formalin in Just 5 Seconds And It’s Super Cheap!

A researcher at Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI) claims that he has invented a cheap and effective way to detect formalin and other harmful chemicals in food/fish effectively and under 10 minutes. What's great? It's super cheap. You can test formalin in just 5 seconds for 1 taka! The researcher, inventor of the effective … [Continue reading]

Download Impossible Five – A MUST WATCH WORST NATOK!

So you'rIe fan of Airtel's Natoks & want to watch this year's Airtel presented Natok? Don't worry bro! Impossible Five worth a watch & I'll provide the Youtube Link to watch Impossible Five at the end of this post. Impossible Five - Impossible To Tolerate! Impossible Five was hyped as previous Airtel natoks. The expectation was certainly … [Continue reading]

Free SMS to Any Country Worldwide – [Bangladesh, Pakistan, India]

Free SMS to Any Country Worldwide - [Bangladesh, Pakistan, India] There are lots of website that they offer to send free SMS in bangladesh. But few of them are real, that acrually work for free! I got one site from where you can send free SMS to Any Country Worldwide including Bangladedsh (Grameen Phone(GP), Robi, Airtel, Banglalink, Teletalk, … [Continue reading]

HSC Result 2013 Bangladesh | educationboardresults.gov.bd

HSC Result 2013 Bangladesh by educationboardresults.gov.bd HSC Result 2013 Bangladesh by educationboardresults.gov.bd will be announced most presumably on Thursday, 18 July 2013. HSC Examination a.k.a The Higher Secondary Certificate exam initiated on April 1, Monday, 2013 and put an end to May 30, 2013. HSC Exam 2013 was maintained by ten … [Continue reading]